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Our first album. Some people (we like to call them "wrong people that we vehemently disagree with") refer to this as our "best album". They must be big Step Ahead fans. No matter, all praise is good praise, or so they say, so we'll take it...under protest. Despite this being released at a time when people actually bought CDs in stores with money -- and as such is our best selling album to date -- we have a ton of these, so they're cheap. Maybe if you're nice and order a lot of other stuff, we'll give you one for free! Or maybe not! You never know! Recorded by some guy at some place a long time ago.

Womb Envy
Atticus Finch
The Insider
Cutting Class
Head Hurts Hands On Fire
Bravo, Another Beautiful "Fuck You" Song!
Watered Down
The Fine Art Of Falling Apart
This Song Is Short Because It's Not Political
Less Deicide, More Minor Threat...
Four Simple Steps To Total Life Satisfaction
Short Changed
Why Film The Carnage?

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